Learner Spotlight: Garrett Family

Garrett Family (1)

The Garrett family joined iLEAD in 2019 and thus began their first ever homeschool journey, primarily animated by a thirst for knowledge. At first they were nervous about the change but remained optimistic that homeschooling would be the right fit for them because it would allow them to discover what interested them. These ever curious iLEAD Exploration learners Zion (15) , Zaida (11), and Zoë (9) anticipated that homeschooling would both allow them to catch up in academic areas of need while allowing them to focus on areas of interest and follow where their educational desires took them. 

And they were right! Their inaugural  year has proven to be a successful adventure for the Garrett family. Ninth grader Zion loves to draw, dance, and sing. She also enjoys video games and animating. Most days you will find Zion creating stories, painting, and drawing. She also enjoys exploring nature and the outdoors. A warm and caring girl, Zion has a soft spot for animals and for her baby sister,  Zurielle, whom she enjoys helping her mother with. She also loves science, crafting, and making slime and is currently working on her comic series and has recently completed her first animated short entitled Hodgepodge.

Fifth grader Zaida loves to play with toys and video games. You will likely find her on adventures to the park, the beach, and amusement parks. Zaida loves drawing and helping cook at home. Zaida won first place on her track team and enjoys roller skating and dancing.

Zoë, a third grader, likes roller skating and swimming. A budding sportswoman, she received an award for her accomplishments in volleyball and earned second place on her track team. Epitomizing  her family’s can-do philosophy, Zoë likes to say, “When someone says you can’t do it, do it twice and take pictures!”


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