Learner Spotlight: Griffin Loch


iLEAD Exploration learner Griffin Loch is 15 years old and has written, produced, directed, and edited two feature-length films. iLEAD Exploration has given him the latitude to pursue his passion for filmmaking. He is currently in pre-production on his third feature-length film.

Griffin says he had always wanted to be a filmmaker. Back on the first day of preschool, he reached for the camera and said “I wanna film, I want the camera.” As he grew, he was fascinated by all films and became a big Buster Keaton fan. One day at age 5, he watched the film Jaws and says it all clicked into place. He realized what the craft of filmmaking entailed and became determined to make his own films.

When he was 11, in his first year at SCVi, he made his first live-action short, “The Elevator” and his second live-action/stop motion short, “The Hand”. At age 12, Griffin made “The Hand II – Five Fingered Revenge.” Even though he enjoyed making short films, he also felt that he had longer stories to tell. During the fall of his 7th-grade year, wrote, produced, acted in, directed, and edited his first feature-length script, “Calling the Shots.

Currently, Griffin is screening his second feature-length film “The Adventure of T.P. Man and Flusherin theaters in southern California. His film has sold out theaters at AFI, Clovis CA, SCVi and The Main in Newhall. Griffin raised funds to write, produce, and direct his second feature-length film to focus on the haunting and tragic epidemic of teen depression and suicide. The talented cast in “The Adventure of T.P. Man and Flusher” tells a true story of deep depression, love, laughter, and friendship.

You can check out Griffin’s current film in theaters, and his other films streaming on Amazon.


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