Learner Spotlight – Logan Abrams

Logans art 2

Logan-Archery-165x300.jpgLogan Abrams is a fourth grader at iLEAD Exploration. Logan excels in academics but his favorite subject is math. Logan has really enjoyed the freedom homeschooling provides to allow him to not only thrive academically but also to embrace his creative side and explore his extra-curricular activities!

Last year, Logan broke his ankle and was not able to take breaks from academics to play outside. So, he picked up a pen and began to draw! Logan fell in love with drawing. He enjoys drawing cartoon characters including video game characters, a cartoon Harry Potter, various TV and movie cartoon characters, and much more. Recently, Logan’s artwork was displayed at the California Homeschool Conference at the Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove.

Blizzard-Trip-225x300.jpgLogan also discovered that he has an ear for playing piano. This past April, Logan sat down at a piano and discovered he had the ability to play by ear. Logan began playing the “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” theme songs by ear. Since making this discovery, Logan has started to take piano lessons with a local iLEAD music vendor to hone his craft even further. His goal is to learn to play all of John William’s music, Disney’s best hits, and the theme songs to popular video games including Super Mario Bros!

When Logan isn’t drawing or playing piano, he can be found playing or designing video games and aspires to one day be a video game designer. Logan feels so lucky that he was able to enjoy a private tour of Blizzard Entertainment last year. Logan also enjoys computer coding with Bitsbox, and practicing his archery skills at a local archery gym. Logan loves “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter” and jokes that if sorted, he would be sorted into the Ravenclaw house.

Despite his many talents, Logan remains humble and down to Earth. He is wise beyond his years and has a heart of gold by striving to consider others above himself. Logan enjoys spending time with his family and is an incredible big brother and role model to his siblings. Logan’s creativity, kindness and wisdom are true gifts to those with whom he comes into contact!



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