Learner Spotlight: The Strom Family


Even though they are new to homeschooling, the four Strom learners: Karen (10), Bennett (9), William (6), and Matthew (4) are OWNING homeschool life! On their first day, the boys came to the table decked out in superhero costumes. Rounding out their enthusiastic inaugural week was a family camping and hiking trip and an important and impromptu lesson about forest fires.

The Strom learners all love reading, LEGOs, and the flexibility that comes with homeschooling. Living room dance parties are another favorite occupation of these learners. Karen, Bennett, and William practice singing for choir while Matthew accompanies them on his toy instruments. Most impressive of all is Karen’s drive to wake up early and finish all her schoolwork before her brothers.

iLEAD is thrilled to journey with the Strom learners through their first homeschool year!



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