Monday message 02.21.2022


Presidents’ Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February and is an opportunity to acknowledge our leaders in government. Watch this video from to see how the holiday has evolved. Learn more about some of our country’s former presidents using our complimentary subscription, BrainPOP.

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SLOgan of the Month: Optimism

Join our Maker Team for their presentation on our Schoolwide Learner Outcome for February: Optimism. Discover ways to encourage learners to have confidence in a future full of positive possibilities….

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Teen Photographers: Open Call

The Getty Youth Development team is thrilled to announce that Getty Unshuttered is partnering with Amplifier to launch the second annual open call for teen photographers ages 13-19. As we…

2022 Science Fair

Science Fair 2022

During Week 5 of your science project, you will analyze your findings and come up with a conclusion. Learn more about these two steps in our informational video. Below are…

Navigating the HUB

Free Online Resources

Did you know that we have a variety of free resource suggestions for our families? While this list is non-exhaustive, we hope you find it helpful. These resources are available…

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ASB Applications Due

Associated Student Body (ASB) is a leadership team comprised of learners who will represent the entire...
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