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iLEAD OC Learning Studio

Hello, Families! We are excited to announce that a new session is starting at the iLEAD OC Learning Studio! For more information, please contact the educational facilitators listed on this…

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Learner Spotlight: Samantha Bangis

Not only is Samantha Bangis whip smart, she is also thoughtful, creative, and has a heart of gold! Samantha enjoys spending hours creating incredible LEGO feats. One of her favorite…


NEW!  Middle and High School Volunteer and Leadership Program

Beginning Nov. 1, iLEAD Exploration learners have the opportunity to participate in Lion’s Heart’s teen volunteer and leadership organization. Learners who join this program will receive local community service projects…


Fostering a Growth Mindset

Are you interested in helping your learner develop a growth mindset? Children who have a growth mindset are more likely to learn from their mistakes, take challenges head on, and…


Teen and Tween Leadership and Clubs Virtual Meeting

Do you have a tween or teen interested in participating in leadership? Does your tween or teen want to create and develop a club for and with other iLEAD learners?…

Why Are You Going to College?

If your family is starting to formulate an educational plan after high school, don’t skip the critical first question, “Why are you going to college?” Here are the five warning…

brain builders

Chemistry Lab Credits

Looking for a great chemistry lab? You will not need to look any further. Brain Builders in Tustin is offering two different days of wet labs on Nov. 12 and Nov….


October Student Support Newsletter

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Fall Field Trips

At iLEAD, we are excited to offer our families different ways to connect with one another. Field trips and service projects are one of those wonderful ways to build relationships…

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Current Events Writing Club
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Current Events Writing Club
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