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Our CAASPP testing window is just around the corner. We are offering test prep for our learners to help you prepare for this assessment. Reach out to your EF for our test prep schedule.

If you missed our CAASPP webinars last week, you can see the recording on the hub under the Educator University tab.

As a reminder, CAASPP is the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments (SBAC) that measures a learner’s ability in English language arts/literacy and mathematics and is administered to all learners in 3rd-8th and 11th grades in addition to the California Science Test (CAST) assessment, which is administered to all learners in 5th and 8th grades and high school.

Participation in this assessment is one of the biggest ways you can give back to our school, as the state of California requires all public school programs to assess at least 95 percent of their learners annually under the Every Student Succeeds Act.

The state has an accountability rule for schools with less than 95 percent participation and will dock a school’s test scores based on the number of learners who do not participate. Your child’s participation has a large impact in helping iLEAD remain in good standing with the state, our authorizing district (Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District), our accreditor (WASC), and the charter school support networks (CCSA).

As we approach the state testing focus weeks, we will be sharing some resources for families who will be testing. This week, we invite you to view a brief video that explains where and how to access a practice test on the CAASPP website:


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