KHTS Radio Interviews iLEAD’s High School Leadership

iLEAD Exploration KHTS

KHTS, Santa Clarita’s hometown radio station, recently interviewed iLEAD Exploration’s high school counselor Bethany Maddox, college advisor Laura Kazan, and high school coordinator Lisa Rittenhouse. The high school team is a great resource for families and learners seeking flexibility in education and guidance towards achieving their higher education goals. With many different college routes to take, iLEAD strongly encourages all high schoolers to pursue their true interests and passions.

During the 2020 pandemic, many schools were shut down. With SAT sessions no longer held in person, many colleges and universities no longer required an SAT score for admission. Removing these barriers greatly increased the possibilities for college entrance into a variety of colleges and universities, as the criteria for how students obtain admission to colleges across the country is changing. iLEAD Exploration has seen its students enter schools including the University of Arizona, University of California Santa Cruz, University of California Riverside, Howard University, and many other private colleges.

Working at iLEAD has empowered these women to motivate high schoolers and has also provided them with an environment where they feel highly valued and are given the freedom to research and develop programs to benefit their students’ educational journeys. Please click here for the story and interview at KHTS!



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