Learner Spotlight: Noah & Sky Naishtut


The Naishtut family has taken full advantage of their first year with iLEAD Exploration. Noah, 7th grade, and Sky, 4th grade, are excelling not only in their academics, but in their extracurriculars, as well!

The siblings spend a great deal of time pursuing their passions and performing. Sky enjoys playing her guitar and singing, while Noah has taken particular interest in Taiko drumming, which has also cultivated his learning about Japanese culture.

This year, Noah and Sky performed at a dance event to promote homeless awareness. They also participated in a Chinese New Year celebration, in which Noah performed Wushu Kung Fu and Sky played the cymbals. After their performance, Sky researched and wrote about the history and importance of the Chinese New Year.

These two are truly remarkable in all that they do! They are always able to draw connections and learn from their passions and their interests. Their extracurriculars are not separate from their academics, but rather enhance their learning in many ways!


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