Synchronous Instruction Opportunity: Grades 2-5

Earth hands

Join us on Zoom Monday, November 27, and Monday, December 4, at 10:00 AM for our Celebrating Around the World Synchronous Instruction opportunity. During our time, we will visit the ranch in Arizona that helped Dr. Temple Grandin discover how her neurodivergence was an asset. We will also learn how kids and parents advocated for the IDEA, leading to the inclusion of kids with disabilities in public school.

Use this Zoom link to join.




iLEAD Reading Challenge

Join our Award-Winning Reading Challenge with your family. We want to encourage reading together through the break! Our first round of prizes will be given at the end of January!…

Raven Poe

Live Edgar Allen Poe Performance at OC Learning Studio

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Did You Know

Curriculum Library Updates

Material orders may be on hold, but the Shipping Library is not! Families can place requests through the Shipping Library!

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