High School Club Survey

Get Involved

Attention, Middle and High School Learners!

We are in the process of helping learners create clubs and we would love your input through a short survey! Your answers will help us connect learners who are interested in forming learner-led clubs either virtually or in person. Additionally, if your learner would like to participate in our Leadership Circle, our next meeting will be Friday, Dec. 8, at 11 a.m. If interested in the survey or the meeting, please contact your educational facilitator for more information. Thank you for being part of our iLEAD community!



Learner Spotlight: Milena & Miya de Vera

The de Vera sisters provide each other with genuine encouragement and consistently support one another as each strives to do her best. Milena (12th) and Miya (9th) de Vera are constantly looking for ways to improve their learning and other…

Growth mindset Character Trait copy

TED Talk: Growth Mindset

We are excited to present our next TED talk for the month of October on growth mindset! If you have any thoughts that you would like to share, we would really like to hear from you on our Instagram and…

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