Learner Spotlight – Chloe Albert


Chloe Albert is a vibrant iLEAD Exploration learner. She is in third grade and this is her second year homeschooling through iLEAD. When asked what she enjoys about homeschooling, her first response was, “I like that I can be with my family and see my dad more often.” She and her two sisters enjoy playing, exploring together and learning about nature.


Her favorite books are the Anna Hibiscus series. She says she likes books because they are “awesome.”

“I like getting to know the characters’ personalities. When I’m really into the stories, it feels like I am actually IN the stories and I think that is really cool.”

Chloe enjoys doing gymnastics and taking art classes. When she grows up she says she may want to become a pastry chef who specializes in allergy-free foods because she has food allergies herself and she loves baking.

We are grateful to have Chloe as part of our iLEAD family.


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