High School Learner Spotlight: Isobel Cook

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My name is Isobel Cook, and I’m 16 years old and a senior in high school with iLEAD Exploration. I’ve been homeschooled all of my life along with my two younger brothers. I’ve always had a passion for horses and animals, as well as for writing and storytelling. I’m always either riding my horses or reading/writing a book. As a member of 4-H, I have participated in many different programs, such as the Poultry Project, the Horse Project, the Leadership Project, and the Drama Project. For nine years, I’ve also trained in Tang Soo Do Karate and have earned my second degree black belt. My busy schedule is possible through iLEAD. The flexibility of the iLEAD program allows me to spend many hours outside of a classroom, getting hands-on education and learning experiences. If it weren’t for a school like iLEAD, I wouldn’t be able to engage in the active lifestyle and learning paths I enjoy.

iLEAD has also given me opportunities to advance in my education beyond what a brick and mortar school might. Though I’m enrolled as a senior in high school, I’m actually only the age of a junior. I’m also dual enrolled and am taking all college-level classes and earning college credit. Because I’ve been able to get this early start on my college education, I’m planning on graduating college two years early with a bachelor’s degree in English and creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University! This has only been possible through homeschooling and iLEAD Exploration. I hope to become an author and editor of fiction works, and iLEAD has allowed me to grow my passion for writing more than a typical public school ever could. You can find me out at the barn with my horses, curled up on a couch reading, sitting at my desk working on a story, or training at the karate studio, and all because of the wonderful opportunities iLEAD and homeschooling have given me!



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