Summer School Options for High Schoolers

Summer School

Summer is a great time to either catch up on credits or pursue interests for high schoolers. Here are a few ideas:

iLEAD Online offers academic and elective courses for FREE.

-Local community colleges also offer classes to high schoolers for FREE. Since summer courses are accelerated, this might be a good time to try dual enrollment through an elective course. At the end of the summer, those credits can be added to a learner’s transcript to count toward graduation credits. Let your EF know if you are interested in finding out how to proceed.

-Institutions such as Global Student Network offer a variety of online courses such as A+ Courseware, Accelerate Education, Odysseyware, Apex Learning, and Edmentum. While parents are responsible to pay for online summer courses through these vendors, if the institution provides a transcript at the end of the class, those credits may be added to a learner’s iLEAD transcript at the conclusion of the course. For questions about credits, please email highschool@ileadexploration.org.

-Khan Academy offers FREE test prep courses online as well as training in computer science, math, history, art, science, and economics. To learn more, visit their website at www.khanacademy.org.

We hope iLEAD high schoolers enjoy staying busy and even learning with all of these options this summer! See you in the fall!


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